STARSTRUCK Karaoke returns to the Cadillac Ranch!

Starstruck Karaoke

Starstruck Karaoke


8:00 PM - 1:00 AM

StarStruck Karaoke - America's First Karaoke Club

StarStruck Karaoke - America's First Karaoke Club

STARSTRUCK: originated in 1982, when Graham Nicholson, a musician and business man, visited Japan. Karaoke was in full swing. Japanese people are much less inhibited and love to sing. In the USA, glee clubs and choirs offer students the opportunity to sing and perform, but after school, the opportunities were very limited. Most people can’t find time to be in a band. Karaoke offers the casual singer a chance to perform in front of an audience. In 1984, Graham opened a Karaoke studio at Lake Compounce Amusement Park. Cassette tapes were used with lyric sheets. In 1988, Pioneer Elec. introduced “Laser Karaoke”. Words appear on TV screens and light up to make it easy to follow. Starstruck was the 1st distributor in the USA. Starstruck Restaurant, the 1st full time karaoke restaurant, provided fun for 1000’s of people for many years. NOW, Starstruck returns to the Cadillac Ranch Restaurant every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday with a new state of the art digital system and over 220,000 songs. Join us from 8:00 to 1:00 and YOU BE THE STAR!!Facebook_love_640

Starstruck Karaoke at the Cadillac Ranch RestaurantKARAOKE DEFINITION: Karaoke (pronounced CAR-A-OKAY) is a Japanese compound word. (KARA from karappo meaning empty and OKE, the abbreviation of okesutura or orchestra) The word means “empty orchestra”. I will sing, but there is no one in the orchestra. The word is similar to Karate, which means “empty hand”. I will fight you but I have no weapon in my hand.

ORIGIN: Karaoke, it is said, started in a snack bar in Kobe City. Musicians didn’t show up for a performance, so the owner put on some tapes and asked the customers to sing. Mitch Miller had a TV show in the 50’s called “Sing along with Mitch” where the audience got the lyrics by “following the bouncing ball”.

KARAOKE IN JAPAN: Karaoke is a typical form of entertainment for Japanese business people. The Japanese have enjoyed parties since ancient times and singing has always been the life of the party. Corporate soldiers, living in a stressful society, discovered there is nothing like Karaoke to reduce their stress and make them feel so refreshed. Karaoke, at first, was mainly for business people, but it has grown to be a national pastime.

BENEFITS: Recognition is the strongest motivation. Win a trophy, get a promotion or a new title, feel the effects of applause. Some of us rarely get that feeling, but at a Karaoke Club, everyone who sings, gets a taste. If you’ve never tried Karaoke, you’re missing out. It’s 4 minutes of fame. Take the microphone and follow the lyrics alone or with a group. It’s definitely something everyone should try at least once in their life. The joy of the moment will melt your stress away. Stress is the number one killer and Karaoke is proven to reduce stress.

Starstruck Karaoke at the Cadillac Ranch Restaurant
Starstruck Karaoke at the Cadillac Ranch Restaurant

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  1. Gene August 24, 2017

    No matter what your singing level or ability– from a screecher to opera, you’re going to get an applause. And that’s what it’s all about.

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