About Us


"the Ranch"

The Cadillac Ranch Restaurant has been in existence since 1992. It all started with Graham Nicholson who was the first to bring Karaoke to the United States from Japan. Together with his wife Bonnie, they opened “Starstruck Karaoke Restaurant” – the oldest karaoke bar in the USA. With the success of “Starstruck” they went on to open 3 other locations.

Bonnie had a dream to create her own “Country Dance Restaurant” so together they created “The Cadillac Ranch Restaurant”.

Paula Frohn was teaching Country Dance lessons at Starstruck II in Southington so she became our first Dance Instructor at the Cadillac Ranch Restaurant in Plainville, and remains with us still!

Cadillac Ranch Restaurant Original-OutfitsJohn ‘Cadillac’ Seville, a Country 92.5 Radio Personality, did the “Rocking Country Dance Party” every month. His Famous quote: “John ‘Cadillac’ Seville and the ‘Cadillac Ranch Restaurant’ was a marriage made in Country Heaven.”


was a very busy year for us

Judy was our sales rep for Country 92.5 radio station. Judy and Earl became partners in the “Cadillac Ranch Restaurant” in February 1997.

The new “Cadillac Ranch Restaurant” opened in Southington on April 1997 with 15,000 square feet of Country Entertainment. (Formerly: The Hall of Fame, Fantasia, Outback and Locomotion.) The original building was 5000 sq ft., we added the dance floor and lower bar.
Chrismo was hired in February 1997 from Ohio, picked “Best Country DJ” in the USA.

Into the 2000's

A small Fire in the Electrical Room in December of 2003 caused water and smoke damage requiring us to close until February 25, 2004. We replaced the dance floor, all electrical and plumbing, moved the bar and extended the top bar area about 20 feet. Dance lessons were held at the Bristol French Club during the construction.

Peter Griffin hired on as manager in 2004.

February 16, 2007 we added a New Mechanical Bull, “Old Thunder”; to replace the Old Bull from Gilley’s.